General Purpose

This API allows assessment providers to seamlessly integrate with the softgarden ATS. The target audience for this API are 3rd party partners of softgarden that provide assessment functionality for candidates.

Become an assessment provider in the softgarden ATS

To begin the integration process in the softgarden ATS, please send the following information to

  1. URL for your tests endpoint
  2. URL for your invitation endpoint
  3. URL for your result endpoint
  4. URL for your deletion endpoint
  5. A sample API key for your system

Our team will configure the necessary endpoint URLs and provide next steps on a test account for you to test the integration.

Data Flow Chart



An authentication is required to use this API. Every request softgarden sends to an assessment partner’s API requires a token in the HTTP header (Authorization: Bearer <access token>).

In order to use an assessment integration in softgarden, the partner provides the access token to the customer. The token can be entered in the settings area of the customer’s system. The softgarden Assesment API will subsequently make all requests for this customer using this token. All endpoints should only return data specific to the customer identified by the bearer token.

3rd party API endpoints

The softgarden Assessment API expects four REST endpoints which need to be provided by the assessment partner. These endpoints are called from the softgarden ATS to receive information about tests, invite candidates, get results and delete candidate data.

Notification about updates

The softgarden ATS expects to be notified of any updates on the assessment. For this purpose, softgarden provides a notification endpoint.


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