Please note, that parts of this API are deprecated and only remain documented for legacy consumers. We’ve added notes to the according endpoint docs.

About Career Websites API

The softgarden Career Websites API lets you seamlessly integrate the functionality of our career sites to build your own carrer application.

The Career Websites API is based on the REST architecture based on the OAuth2 protocol and is divided into the following API sections:

Frontend API
Offers the basic functionality to get your application running
Jobs API
Enable you to search for jobs, create and manage job abos and job baskets
JobAbo API
Enable you to search for jobs, create and manage job abos and job baskets
Applications API
Enables you to manage applications and their attachments
Appointments API and Events API
Enables you to manage appointments and events

Moreover, the DataTypes section covers all the data types you come across using the Web Careers API.

Getting started

1) The basics

First of all, have a look at the General Information section to find out what to expect from Web Careers API responses.

2) Register your application

In order to communicate with the Web Careers API you have to add a front-end client to your front-end client in taloom. Here you can find a detailed description to create one.

3) Establish a connection

Using the API URL, the front-end client id and the front-end client secret (see step 2) you are now able to establish a connection between your application and the Careers Website API. The first thing you have to do is to request a Client Access Token.

4) Perform actions

Once you’ve obtained the Client Access Token (see step 3) you can execute actions which do not require a signed-in user (e.g. executing a job search). For a complete list of all possible actions take a look on the left hand side.

5) Let the user sign in

To execute actions based on user data, like apply to a job-posting or show the users profile data, you need to obtain a second token: the User Access Token. This token can either be obtained directly by letting the user sign in via user name and password or using a third party sign in provider.

For more detailed information of the Web Careers API take a look at the sections listed on the left hand side.


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