The jobs API allows you to search, use and alter jobboards and their channels and baskets, as well as creating new applications for the jobs they contain.

REST endpoint

Job management functionalities use the /jobboards, /jobpostings and /jobs endpoints, you will find a complete list of possible commands below.

Detailed descriptions of the method, its behavior, request parameters and response structures can be found on the reference page of that particular endpoint, simply click on the link in the table below.

Type Endpoint Effect
GET /jobs/{jobDbId}/apply Creates an application.
GET /jobs/{jobDbId}/existsApplication Checks if the user has applied for this job at some point.
GET /jobs/{jobDbId}/name Returns the name of the job
GET /jobs/{jobDbId} Returns an HTML-String containing the job’s details.
GET /jobs/printPdf Creates a PDF containing the contents of the job pool.
POST /jobs/{jobDbId}/recommend Creates an email recommending a job to another person.

JobBasket API

Type Endpoint Effect
PUT /jobs/basket/{jobDbId} Adds a job posting to a basket.
DELETE /jobs/basket/{jobDbId} Removes a job posting from a basket.
GET /jobs/basket Gets a job-basket.
GET /jobs/basket/{jobDbId}/available Checks if a job posting is available for a basket.

JobBoard API

Type Endpoint Effect
GET /jobboards/{channelID} Returns the jobboard information of a specific board.
GET /jobboards Returns all existing jobboards for the client and if they are accessible with the sent token.
GET /jobboards/{channelID}/config Returns a channel’s definition.
GET /jobboards/{channelID}/jobs Executes a search on all jobs of the channel.


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