The Client Access Token is necessary to communicate with the Web Careers API endpoints which do not require a user to be signed in.

Please Note: The API clients generated via our applicant tracking system are so called PUBLIC clients, that do not have a client secret assigned. We’re doing so since we assume that your application is directly communicating with the API. You cannot create a Client Access Token without secret. The basic authorization page explains how to handle the communication with the API then.

Obtain a Client Access Token

Request (via shell)

There are several possibilities to obtain a client access token. Choose one:

Using the taloom cloud and the fictional client id “1337” and client secret “mys3cr3t” the commands are:



In case the request is correct and the given credentials are valid the response consists of an access token “access_token“, a token type “token_type” and a relative expiry date “expires_in” given in seconds. Example:


Unknown client

The specified client could not be found:

Invalid credentials

The client has been found but the given credentials are not valid:


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