The road to an application

To create an application via our API you need to follow a certain process step by step to set up the scaffolding for a successful application. Basically the entrypoint into the process is the request of the jobs of your internal or external job posting channel to provide your potential applicants a list of the open positions of your company. The next step may be showing a detailed view of the job including the job description, apply link and so on. Afterwards you route the applicant to an application form where he fills all the the information you require. You can limit that to the name and the email but you could also ask for more details like the education and employment history, language skill or attachments. You only have to meet the data structure we provide. More about that will come later.

From a technical perspective you create an application draft via the API to which the different information is added. Is this step finished – meaning that the applicant provided all necessary information – the application is finally submitted. It is important to mention that an application always belongs to an applicant account which has the be created before the application is created. For the application creation you have to authenticate against our API as the applicant via an UserAccessToken. You can decide if you let the applicant create an account in a separate step or include the account creation implicitly into your application creation workflow.


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