To provide the applicant an overview of his applications you can use this endpoint. You have to use an user access token for authentification which you can generate as described here.






User Access Token

Path Parameter


Query Parameter

  • fields (optional):The parameters defines which fields of the response DTO should be returned. You have the choice of all direct fields of the ApplicationProfileDTO but you cannot select the nested fields.
    field=* returns all fields. If the fields parameter is not provided a subset of possible fields is returned as a default. These are all fields except experiences, educations, languages, answers, attachments. Please als see the example calls. The imported field is always returned. Please use that parameter as described below: comma separated field names, no spaces
  • limit (optional): Defines how many results should be returned at once. The default value is 20.
  • offset (optional): Defines the offset at which result in the list the response should start. The default value is 0.


Action Response Description
success 200 – with a list of ApplicationProfileDTO
authorization error 401 / 403 See here and here for details.

Example call with curl and user access token

Without any optional parameters, falling back to the defaults:


Example call with curl and user access token

Pagination in use


Example call with curl and user access token

All fields returned


Exampe call with curl and user access token

Only some fields are requested



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