There is a basic principle: No application without applicant account. So you first have to create an applicant account before an application can be created. How you further handle this account is up to you. You can allow the applicant to manage his applications. In that case you should involve him actively into the account creation. But you also could create the account implicitly right before creating the application with a placeholder password.

There is also the option to create an internal applicant account to flag it as an employee of the company. He will be permitted to see the internally posted jobs of the company but the account has to be verified with an email to his company email account. Only the set up email domains (see just hire settings area) can be used here.

The password you submit here needs to match the softgarden default password policy: Minimum length of 10 characters containing at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one digit and one special character






Client Token or Basic Authorization

Path Parameter


Query Parameter


Post Data



Action Response Description
success 204  
error 400 – “password_empty” Password is missing in the submitted DTO
error 400 – “password invalid” The submitted password does not match the default softgarden password policy
error 400 – “invalid_username_address” The username was invalid: Not set, empty, longer than 250 characters or contained characters other than A-Z, a-z,0-9 and .-_+@
error 400 – “invalid_mail_address” The email address was invalid
error 400 – “mail_address_already_exists” The email address is already in use
error 400 – “username_already_exists” The username is already in use
error 400 – “invalid_work_mail_address” The internal email addres is invalid (the ‘internal’ flag in the DTO was set). This can be triggered be the default email address validation or in the case when the domain part is not in the list of allowed email domains. The use of a company email address is required.
error 400 – “work_mail_address_already_exists” The internal email address is already in use (the ‘internal’ flag in the DTO was set)
authorization error 401 / 403 See here and here for details.

Example call with curl and client access token

Creating an applicant account

Creating an internal applicant account


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