When you’re done adding information to the application you can finally submit the application. That also means that there are no more changes possible. You’ll need the user access token to authenticate.

In order to be able to submit the application at least the first name, last name and the email address have to be set and if there are prescreening questions these also have to be answered.






User Access Token

Path Parameter


Query Parameter





Action Response Description
success 204 – no content  
error 400 – { “code”: “application_access_error”, “message”: “Application does not exist” } No application was found for the provided ID or the applicant does not own it.
error 400 – { “code”: “application_profile_parse_error”, “message”: “To activate an applicant for the first time or activate an application please provide additionally: firstname, lastname, email” } The application can’t be finalized because at least one of the fields was not provided
error 400 – { “code”: “application_profile_parse_error”, “message”: “Not all prescreening questions were answered. There are x total questions. You provided z.” } Not all prescreening questions were answered
error 400 – { “code”: “application_access_error”, “message”: “Application was already submitted.” } The application was already finalized
error 400 – { “code”: “application_deleted_error”, “message”: “Project was closed” } The job was deleted or deactivated meanwhile
error 400 – { “code”: “project_not_applicable”, “message”: “Applications for this project are not possible. Maybe the job was closed in the meanwhile or is not available for other reasons.” } The jobposting was unposted in the meanwhile. Already started but not finalized applications can’t be continued.
authorization error 401 / 403 See here and here for details.

Example call with curl and user access token


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