Check username for existence

The /checkUsernameForExistence endpoint checks if an applicant with the given username already exists in the database.

Request with tokens

By sending the following GET-request, check an username:

with TOKEN either being a client access token or a user access token. It is used to determine the validity of this request. The query parameter {username} is the username that will be checked for existence.

Request with basic authorization

As an alternative, you can use here the basic authorization method. Just write

{clientId} is the ID for your application to develop given to you by softgarden. The colon seen in the example is obligatory.

Path parameters

– none –

Query parameters

Name Description Data Type
username The username to be checked. String

Response values

Upon Returned value Description
success true If there is a user with that username in the database.
failure false If there is no user with that username in the database.
failure 500 – INTERNAL SERVER ERROR When an error appears while processing your request.
authorization error 401 / 403 See here for details.


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