This endpoint is deprecated. Please do not use it for new projects. The documentation remains here for legacy API consumers. Please use the Frontend API V3.

Getting one specific application of a user

By appending an application’s ID to the /applications endpoint in a GET-request, one can obtain a specified application of the user:

with TOKEN being the user access token of the user in question and {applicationId} corresponding to the ID of one of his/her applications. In the curl example you can manipulate the header by adding -H “Accept-Language:{locale}”, whereat locale can be en, de and so on.

The status of the desired application is localized if possible, the used locale is extracted from the header.

Path parameters

Name Description Data Type
applicationId The ID of the desired application. String

Query parameters

– none –

Response values

Upon Returned value Description
success JSON-encoded ApplicationData-object The desired application.
failure 500 – INTERNAL SERVER ERROR When an error appears while processing your request.
authorization error 401 / 403 See here for details.

Example return value for ID = “f76297d07f000002610484aa8202875a” and locale = “de”


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