This endpoint is deprecated. Please do not use it for new projects. The documentation remains here for legacy API consumers.

Register for a timeslot as an applicant

The /events/{eventId}/timeslots/{timeslotId}/register API endpoint allows an applicant to register at an event. More precisely the applicant is registered at a given timeslot of an event.

By sending the following POST-request, you can register at an event.

with TOKEN being the user access token of the user in question. It is used to determine the validity of this request. {eventId} is the required ID of the event you want to register at and {timeslotId} is the ID of the chosen timeslot.

Path parameters

Name Description
eventId The ID of the event the timeslot belongs to.
timeslotId The ID of the timeslot you want to register to.

Query parameters

– none –

Response values

Upon Returned value Description
failure 500 – INTERNAL SERVER ERROR When an error appears while processing your request.
authorization error 401 / 403 See here for details.

You won’t get any feedback if your request succeeds.