Listing all jobboards

Request with tokens

Obtaining all jobboards simply requires a GET-request with the /jobboards endpoint. The external jobboard is always accessible, if a user is logged in and has the necessary rights, the one on the internal channel may be as well.

with TOKEN being either a client access token or a user access token.
The system attempts to localize the resulting Jobboards using information from the header.

Request with basic authorization

As an alternative, you can use here the basic authorization method. Just write

{clientId} is the ID for your application to develop given to you by softgarden. The colon seen in the example is obligatory.

Path parameters

– none –

Query parameters

– none –

Response values

Upon Returned value Description
success JSON-encoded List<Jobboard> The desired application.
failure 500 – INTERNAL SERVER ERROR When an error appears while processing your request.
authorization error 401 / 403 See here for details.

Example return value


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