Please note, that parts of this API are deprecated and only remain documented for legacy consumers. We’ve added notes to the according endpoint docs.


For customers of the softgarden cloud, the API Base URL is
For all other customers, please contact our support.

Supported Formats

All requests and responses of the Career Websites API use JSON by default.

Error Handling

The Career Websites API supports the following HTTP error codes:

  • 200 – OK
  • 400 – Bad Request
  • 500 – Internal Server Error

Apart from these three base HTTP codes, the Career Websites API might also return:

  • 404 – Not Found
  • 401 – Unauthorized
  • 403 – Forbidden


The Career Website API requires a version identifier to be specified in every request. The version identifier needs to be placed immediately after the base-URL of the Career Websites API: An example URL accessing application with id ‘0123456789abcdef‘ using the Career Websites API version 2 will be:

Backwards-compatible API changes will be provided in the current version without triggering a new version number.
Incompatible API changes will be provided in a new API version only. As soon as a new version is published, old versions will go to a deprecation phase of 4 weeks, and then will be removed.

The current API version is 2.

Date and Time

All Date and DateTime fields will be transmitted either as milliseconds since 1970-01-01 (UNIX-time), or as Strings according to ISO 8601 standard. All dates without separately associated time zones will be given in time zone of the Career Websites API server, which is the UTC time zone for all our cloud systems.

Example for String:

Localized data

To display localized content most Web Careers API functions make use of the HTTP-Accept-Language header. If the requested language is supported by your taloom the content will be delivered accordingly. If the requested language is not part of your taloom, the best match to the requested language is delivered.


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