Most of these endpoints are deprecated. Please do not use them for new projects. The documentation remains here for legacy API consumers. Please use the Frontend API V3.


The Application API allows clients to manage applications, it provides functionalities similar to those you can find on the standard applicant UI in the softgarden-cloud website. As client, you are able to list and retire your applications. Creating new application is part of the Job API, since one must always apply to a specific job.

REST endpoint

All the application management functionalities can be managed using the /applications endpoint, you will find a complete list of possible commands below.

Detailed descriptions of the method, its behavior, request parameters and response structures can be found on the reference page of that particular endpoint, simply click on the link in the table below.

Type Endpoint Effect
GET /applications Lists all applications of a user.
GET /applications/{applicationId} Gets a specific application.
DELETE /applications/{applicationId} Retires an application.
POST /applications/{applicationId}/feedback Sends feedback to the company to which the job posting belongs to.
POST /applications/{applicationId}/submit Submits an application.
POST /applications/{applicationId}/poolConfirm Checks and confirms a pool’s request for a specific application.
GET /applications/{applicationId}/attachments/{attachmentId} Delivers an attachment assigned to an application.
GET /applications/attachments/{attachmentId} Delivers an attachment without validating against the application.
GET /applications/{applicationId}/pdf Get the applications data as PDF.
GET /applications/{applicationId}/preview Get a preview of an application.
GET /applications/{applicationId}/import/{providerId} Initialize an application with social profile data from thirdparty provider.
GET /applications/{applicationId}/form Get the application form to an application.


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