The target group for this API are 3rd party partners of softgarden that are integrating into the marketplace. This API is not suitable for building your own application form or job portal. Please use the FrontendAPIV3 for this purpose.

The creation of an application is done by posting the application JSON data structure to:

Application data structure

The following example shows the data structure:

Explanation of the data structure

Header Section
jobId (mandatory):The id of the job to apply to
jobBoard (mandatory):The name or id of your job board. Can be an arbitrary value and serves for logging purposes only.
Body Section 
photo (optional):The applicant’s photo file. The binaryData field must contain a base64 encoded byte stream
academicTitle (optional):Academic title
firstName (mandatory):Applicant’s first name
lastName (mandatory):Applicant’s last name
gender (optional):Valid values are M, F, D, MALE, FEMALE, DIVERSE and undefined if absent
nationality (optional [changed in 20.27.0]):The id of the nationality catalog values (see Job information page)
birthDate (optional [changed in 20.27.0]):Applicant’s birth date in the format “yyyy-MM-dd’T'”
email (mandatory):Applicant’s email address
address (optional):Address (note: countryCode must be an ISO2-Code i.e. “US”)
telephone (optional):Standard telephone number
mobile (optional):Mobile phone number
cv (optional):CV as document structure (base64 encoded binary data)
coverLetter (optional):The coverletter as plain text
experiences (optional):Array of the experience structure
educations (optional):Array of the education structure
documents (optional):Additional documents as document structure (base64 encoded binary data)
languages (optional):Array of languages. Valid level values are 0 – Basic knowledge, 1 – Good knowlegde, 2 – Fluent, 3 – First Language
answers (mandatory in case job contains questions):Array of answers according to questions (see job information page)
privacyPolicyAccepted (optional):Boolean flag if applicant has accepted the privacy policy statement
privacyPolicyAcceptedDate (optional):Date in the format “yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSS’Z'”


In case of success (HTTP status 200) a JSON data structure is returned:

In case an error occurred the HTTP status is 401 (unauthorized), 500 (Internal Server Error) or 400 (Bad Request). A HTTP status 400 indicates missing or invalid data. In this case the error message provides further information.

Since release 20.33.0 the HTTP status code 409 (conflict) indicates that an applicant with the provided e-mail address already applied to the given job.

Table with error message keys:

ERROR_HEADER_INCOMPLETEHeader structure is missing
ERROR_BODY_MISSINGBody structure is missing
ERROR_INVALID_NATIONALITY_IDThe value in field nationality contains an invalid id
ERROR_APPLICANT_PROFILEAn error occurred creating the applicant profile
ERROR_DATA_VALIDATIONMandatory fields are missing. This can be one of the following:
ERROR_ANSWERS_REQUIREDThe job contains prescreeing questions but no answers were provided
ERROR_ANSWERS_INCOMPLETEQuestions of the job were not answered completely
ERROR_QUESTION_ID_INVALIDAn invalid question id was provided
ERROR_ANSWER_CATALOG_ID_INVALIDAn invalid id was passed for a question of type CATALOG
ERROR_ALREADY_APPLIED (since 20.33.0)The applicant with the provided e-mail address already applied to the given job


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