The target group for this API are 3rd party partners of softgarden that are integrating into the marketplace. This API is not suitable for building your own application form or job portal. Please use the FrontendAPIV3 for this purpose.

To submit an already finished assessment for an application a JSON string can be send to this endpoint:

The JSON data has to be structured like this:

Explanation of the data structure

jobId (mandatory)The job ID
applicationPublicId (mandatory)The application ID
provider (mandatory)The assessment provider. One of the following values: CAMMIO, CODILITY, E3SKILLWARE, TALENTCUBE
invitationId (mandatory)The assessment invitation ID


In case of success a blank response is returned (HTTP 204).
In case an error occurred the HTTP status is 401 (unauthorized), 500 (Internal Server Error) or 400 (Bad Request). A HTTP status 400 indicates missing or invalid data. In this case the error message provides further information.


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