The target group for this API are 3rd party partners of softgarden that are integrating into the marketplace. This API is not suitable for building your own application form or job portal. Please use the FrontendAPIV3 for this purpose.

Requesting job information

It is recommended to start the application process by obtaining the following information about the job:

  • The job still allows to be applied to (a job could have been deactivated/deleted in the meantime)
  • The job contains mandatory prescreening questions which have to be answered by the applicant
  • Links to the privacy statements of the company
  • The language of the job advertisement
  • The nationality catalog values in the job’s language

Job Feed information

Usually, a Job Feed looks like this:

The job id (IdValue) in “PositionRecordInfo” is required to get information about the job and post the application.

The request using the id of the job feed example above would look like this:

Example Response (Success):

Example Response (Error: Job inactive/apply not possible):

Error Codes:

ERROR_JOB_INACTIVE: The job is deactivated
ERROR_JOB_UNAVAILABLE: The job is more available/deleted
ERROR_POSTING_UNAVAILABLE: The job posting could not be found (technical error/data inconsistency)


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